March 30 – Shoreham Herald – page 6 – Comment


“Two feats of achievement have been shown by Southwick during the past few months.  The first was the dedication of the old church tower, almost 10 years after the air raid which caused it to be taken down.

The second is contained in the sixth annual report of the Southwick and Fishersgate Community Association, which follows its predecessors in recording tasks well and truly completed.  Early in 1950 the rifle range and club room came into use by the Rifle Club, completion of a dirty and arduous job, for the premises were converted from an ancient cobwebby, and every way derelict stabling.  But the greatest 1950 achievement was the work done on the Barn Hall, which officially opened a few weeks ago, to the great benefit of the Community Centre in particular, and the town in general.

Quoting from the report on voluntary work – and it must be remembered that voluntary labour is the trump card of the Association – “nearly 6,000 man hours were contributed.”  This is, indeed, something worth noting in these days, which some people look upon as something-for-nothing days.

These persevering volunteers, having achieved first the Centre itself, the rifle range and club, the garden, and the Barn Hall do not propose to lay down their tools.  When final touches have been given to the Barn they propose starting all over again, this time on the garden room.

It is nearly six years since the first cobwebs were brushed from the walls of The Homestead, and work has never stopped since.  If this is not perseverance – and perseverance in the right direction – we should like to know what is.”