Heritage videos, featured in the exhibition, are published on You Tube

Amanda Evans interviewed across the company, capturing the recollections of :

  • Betty Dawes : interviewed in 2015 recollecting the earliest days and her passion for theatre
  • Ralph Dawes : adding his unique perspective of the times
  • Ray Hopper : recalling his adventures when performing in One-Act Festivals
  • Peter, Vincent & Monica Joyce : chatting about the 1960s and their invitation to join Young Wick
  • Barrie Bowen : Recollects Captain Carvello and Bess Blagden
  • Maggi Pierce & Cherry Fraser : sharing memories of their involvement with costumes
  • Richard Porter & David Creedon : speaking of their introduction to Wick’s World
  • Amanda Evans & Jonathan Dawes : recalling the days of rehearsals in their parents’ front room.
  • Trudi Nash & Karen Mulholland : still corpsing over the Liver Birds rehearsals
  • Barrie Bowen & Ray Hopper : Sailor Beware! – 1959 & 1979 – brings smiles
  • Richard Porter : set designing and its intricacies


Cherry & Derek Fraser watching Ray Hopper’s recollections