1951 March 30 – Shoreham Herald – page 6 – Comment “PERSEVERANCE” “Two feats of achievement have been shown by Southwick during the past few months.  The first was the dedication of the old church tower, almost 10 years after the air raid which caused it to be taken down. The second is contained in […]

Our Earliest Days

2014 August Betty Dawes [nee Carpenter] recalled “Our earliest days” Having seen her first theatre show – December 1946 production of ‘Pick-Up Girl’ – with her father at The Hippodrome in Brighton, a teenage Betty returned to The Unity Youth Club full of excitement, wanting to start her own drama company. “I said to Mr […]

Exhibition’s design

The small team sorted Betty Dawes’s papers with the intention of adding them to the archive.  Those with the more agile recollection capabilities put names to photographs whether of productions or people.  Ralph was particularly impressive with his naming of the early day members, including Leslie Eacock, Diana Hubbard, Pamela Riches, Sylvia Sartin and Mike […]

Power to the paper gatherers

If our late President Betty Dawes hadn’t squirreled away programmes, receipts, correspondence and miscellaneous papers from the early days, the 70th exhibition would have been very tame. Betty was an enthusiastic paper gatherer from the get-go; an archivist in the making.  When husband Ralph, daughter Amanda, current Wick Theatre archivist Peter Joyce and long time […]