Youth and experience

in good, wholesome family entertainment from 1978 – 1983






Where The Rainbow Ends

Frances Moulton

Our story starts in January, 1978 when Frances Moulton directed Roger Quilter’s Where The Rainbow Ends.

Mr Quilter, incidentally, was born 4 Brunswick Square, Hove on November 1st 1877.

A cast of 42 delivered a show, of which Frank Horsley of the Shoreham Herald, January 20 1978 – p2 remarked :

“…was a happy blend of youth and experience with the cast shrewdly deployed.”

Director Frances Moulton, assisted by Sheila Wright, wisely kept faithful to the author.

They also inspired a level of team work which was a credit to the large company.”


The Snow Queen

Building upon the success of Where The Rainbow Ends, Frances Moulton returned with another success with, this time, a cast of just 24.

“It has been a great pleasure to direct a play with so many young people in it, all from our own Youth and Junior Groups.”

And as Walter Hix of the Brighton & Hove Gazette wrote :

“Director Frances Moulton does very well with quite a number of first-timers, particularly amongst the very young children who are Ice Birds and Baby Polar Bears.”

The cast included, Antony Muzzall playing a leading rôle as The Storyteller

Antony Muzzall as ‘The Story Teller’

and Alan Gray and Karen Mulholland, playing there first major parts with the adult company.

Alan Gray & Karen Mulholland



Barrie Bowen next stepped forward to direct a cast of 36 and as Walter Hix of the Brighton & Hove Gazette wrote :

“THE production of Oliver! by the Wick Theatre Company is something rather special. If inexperience shows among the younger, small part actors, only the most carping would take it into account in a production in which the overall casting was first-class.

Patrick Johnson, who is also joint musical director, is an unusual and almost whimsical Fagin, whose wrong-doing seems so innocuous that one regards him with something like affection.”

Patrick Johnson as Fagin



Tony Muzzall moves across the boards from acting in the ‘Snow Queen’ to his first director role with ‘Noah’.

Not a cast of youngsters this one but Tony’s cast included Robert McCourty, Nicolas Davion, Charles Porter and Margaret Faggetter; all making their debuts for the company.

Tony also designed and made the animal heads; Lamb, Tiger, Monkey, Bear, Lion, Wolf. His artistic talents were also in evidence with his design on the programme cover.

Brian Moulton as Noah and attentive ‘animals’