Audio snatches

Pushing the nostalgia button

“What an astonishing and pleasing prod to my nostalgia button”, wrote Bob del Quiaro when acknowledging receipt of the exhibition booklet. Bob featured in the 1960’s recollection of the success of Electra.

Exhibition visitors were also able to prod buttons, since they were given the opportunity to listen to sound clips culled from the videos shot by Amanda Evans [nee Dawes] and daughter Olivia.

An audio stand was designed by Amanda’s son Jonathan Evans and the team commissioned Carl Gray – a member of Wick Theatre’s workshop team – to build three.

A Raspberry Pi [a tiny and affordable computer] was installed in a box on top of the stand and each had four different files activated by push buttons on the lid.

The stand was stabilised on the uneven floor with a stage-weight snuggled into a foot.


The twelve audio snatches were :


Ralph Dawes : memory of our first production; four One-Act plays performed in April 1950



Sue Wittaker & Margaret Davy : share memories of working backstage at the Barn Theatre



Peter & Vincent Joyce : talk about building scenery in Penney’s Yard



Maggie Pierce & Cherry Fraser : remember hiring costumes for the Shakespeare productions



Ralph Dawes : shares his memories of Nikki le Roy



Ray Hopper : talks about his character in Richard lll



Karen Butcher : remembers The Snow Queen



Barrie Bowen : talks about improvements to the Barn Theatre



Richard Porter & David Creedon : talk about working on Ciphers



Sue Whittaker & Margaret Davy : remember ‘Allo ‘Allo



Guy Steddon : talks about play selection



Maggie Pierce & Cherry Fraser : remember a favourite dress


visitor Jonathon Dawes engaging with audio memories

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